Drill Batteries Articles

Batteries are a crucial part of all the best cordless drills. Moreover, they are quite expensive. This indicates that you need to take care of them properly. Check out the following instructions on how to take care of your power tools batteries:

  1. How to Use a Cordless Drill

    Cordless drills are without doubt amongst the most useful tools that any DIY enthusiast will own, and therefore it is essential to know how to use a cordless drill correctly. Before I begin, forget all the hundreds of read more >>
  2. A Guide to Comparing 18V Power Tool Batteries

    Today i`m going to have a bit of a chat about cordless tool batteries, particularly 18v batteries since that`s what most people are using and because a battery is not just a battery anymore and customers constantly ask me which are the best. read more >>
  3. Guide of Cordless Tool Batteries

    Batteries are the predominant cost in the price of a cordless tool. The batteries control the tool’s runtime, and (more or less) the power that the tool outputs. read more >>
  4. Cordless Drill Batteries and Power Tool Battery Chargers FAQs

    Before you buy a new cordless power tool, it is useful to learn more about how their batteries and chargers work. This will help to ensure you are using the battery and charger correctly so that you can get the best performance from your tools. read more >>
  5. I don't have a fancy battery tester. How can I test my batteries?

    It's possible to get a ballpark figure of you battery's performance by timing how long it takes to discharge in a tool that draws current at a relatively constant rate, like a flashlight or fan. read more >>
  6. Questions about drill batteries

    All cordless drill batteries are developed and tested according to the power tools quality standards. Therefore, drill Li-Ion batteries perform as well as drill NiMH/NiCd batteries. read more >>
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