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Questions about drill batteries

What is the expected lifetime of a Li-Ion drill battery?

All cordless drill batteries are developed and tested according to the power tools quality standards. Therefore, drill Li-Ion batteries perform as well as drill NiMH/NiCd batteries. Compared to competitors’ Li-Ion batteries, the drill Li-Ion batteries have up to 400% longer lifetime, which means less battery replacement costs for the user.

How can I tell whether the battery is ageing, as there is no memory effect anymore?

A significantly reduced work time after full charging indicates that the battery is used up and must be replaced.

Why do Li-Ion batteries have high power even at lower capacity?

The capacity values of nickel and Li-Ion cells overlap but Li-Ion cells have a higher energy density than conventional nickel cells. The reason for this is the higher voltage of a Li-Ion cell compared with a nickel cell.

What is the impact of storage on the battery’s capacity?

If the battery is not used, there is a particularly small self-discharge of less than 3% per month. That’s the reason why, even after months of storage, the Li-Ion battery in contrary to the nickel batteries still has sufficient capacity left to run a power tool.

How many hours can I work with my tool until the battery is empty?

It depends on many factors, particularly:

With the new Li-Ion tools from Bosch a craftsman can accomplish his daily workload with one battery charge.

Will there be Lithium-Ion batteries with more than 36 volts in future?

The 36V Li-Ion battery has a maximum voltage of 41V when fully charged. Manufacturers of handheld cordless power tools are not legally allowed to issue batteries which have a voltage of more than 42V without specific safety requirements. That is why theoretically a battery with more than 42V could be built but the safety elements would make the product too unhandy to work and too expensive.

Why does Bosch not label the corresponding Lithium-Ion batteries with 42 volts?

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