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Optimal Universal Charger for Hitachi Power Tool 7.2V 9.6V 12V 14.4V 18V Battery

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  • For Battery Type: Ni-Cd Ni-MH Li-ion
  • Input Voltage: 110V-240V
  • For Brand: HITACHI
  • Smart Charger for HITACHI 7.2V ~ 18V
  • Color: Black
  • Brand New: A brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging

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HITACHI Charger Specifications

  • Charges all Hitachi 7.2V to 18V Pod style Ni-Cd, Ni-Mh, Li-Ion batteries
  • Battery Charger Output: 7.2 Volt to 18 Volt DC 1.5A
  • Battery Type: Ni-Cd, Ni-Mh, and Li-Ion batteries
  • Equivalent to / Replace like OEM P/N: UC18YRL, UC18YGL
    This universal charger has more steady charging rate than OEM rapid chargers UC18YRL (45 min), UC18YGL (65 min), which is better for the batteries. Please see the charging time table below for reference.
  • Automatic three stage mode: Pre-charge > Constant charge > Trickle charge





    Capacity (AH)









    Time in Mins









  • Light Indicators:
    PACK CHARGING (red light blinks)
    FULLY CHARGED (red light steady)
    FAULTY BATTERY or SHORT CIRCUIT (red light blinks at 3 times per second)
    TEMPERATURE DELAY (yellow light steady and red light blinks once per second)
  • Charging Protection:
    Built-in circuit protection to prevent overheating, short circuits, extended time charging and detection of damaged batteries.
  • The separate universal AC adaptor (power supply) can be used with world wide AC voltage of 100V~240V, 50~60Hz. It has an output of 36V DC 2Amp and is plugged into the battery charger unit.
  • AC Plug: American type flat pin. (You will need an AC plug converter for EU, AU outlets.)
  • Condition: New
  • Packing Contents: Brand New Charger 1 pc (Non-OEM) (AC Adaptor with American Type Flat Pin Plug)

Ways Of Repairing a Cordless Drill Charger

Cordless drills run primarily on a detachable and removable battery pack. When your cordless drill stops holding a charge, there are a few factors that come into play. But most commonly, you can trace the issue back to your battery pack or external battery charger. While you can rebuild the battery pack, it is a complex procedure. In many cases, you can solve the problem by repairing the battery charger itself.

  • Remove the battery pack from the charging unit. Do this by pressing on the release buttons on either side of the battery pack. Disconnect the charger's power cord from the nearest electrical outlet.
  • Blow out all dust and debris from within the charger's contacts with a can of compressed air. Use a medium-grit file to file down the contacts slightly. This is only to clean the charger's contacts of any accumulation of dirt or battery acid.
  • Apply some rubbing alcohol to a clean wash cloth or paper towel. Thoroughly wipe down the inside of the battery charger's compartment. Allow five minutes for the alcohol to dry.
  • Plug in the battery charger and insert the battery pack into the charger. You may have to remove and re-insert the battery pack several times before making a connection, depending on how much dirt has accumulated on the charger's contacts.

Refer any major electrical repairs to a power tool repair technician. Dismantling the charger yourself will void your drill's warranty.

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