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All Drill-batteries.com replacement power tool batteries are produced using the most premium quality cells and components available. Directives on Quality Assurance given to manufacturing often result in battery specifications being superior to the original cordless drill battery and cordless tool chargers.

Cheap Cordless Drill Batteries

Power Tool Batteries: OEM compare with the 3rd Party

Third party power tool batteries supplied by Drill-batteries.com are usually lower in price and typically exceed the specifications of OEM power tool batteries. Many of Drill-batteries.com's power tool batteries use the exact same battery cells as OEM batteries. In addition, Drill-batteries.com offers a superior warranty over the OEM manufacturer's warranty. Finally, we make warranty replacement on our 3rd party tools battery easier by dealing with you, the consumer, directly.

Understanding your Cordless Drill Battery Needs

We strive to make your cordless tool battery purchases easy. Since we understand that finding the right batteries for your needs can be overwhelming and confusing at times, we developed a power tool battery finder tool to help find the right size for the make and model of your equipment. We also offer educational articles and tips to help you conserve your batteries and understand common problems.